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APS Plaque dedication 2018

On June 20, 2018, the American Physical Society dedicated a pair of plaques designating the two LIGO observatory facilities as historic physics sites. There were many guests. including F. King Alexander, LSU President, France Cordoba, NSF Director, Roger Falcone, APS President, Paul Halpern, APS, David Reitze, Caltech - LIGO Lab Director, Mike Landry, LHO Head, Rainer Weiss, MIT prof emeritus, Mark Coles, NSF, Fred Raab, Lab assoc director, Mike Zucker, Caltech and former LLO head, Gaby González, LSU and recent LSC spokesperson, Sam Bentley, LSU CoS, John Detusa, LSU P&A, Jorge Pullin, LSU P&A, and Stephen Beck, LSU ORED. These photos were taken by Cody Willhite, and are © LSU Strategic Communicaitons.